3 Trendy Lamp Shade Shapes that Match Every Lamp Base

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Lights are the essential elements of every interior design. They will make any dark room bright. The best way to add extra brightness and sparkle to the room is via lamps. One can either install them on the furniture, wall-mount them or hang them from the ceiling. They can be used for numerous purposes. They will make the room lively, rich and extra elegant. They are perfect accessories to brighten up space when the sun sets down. Since there are countless types of lamps available in the market, it can be a challenging task to buy the right lamp. Plus, lamp shades come in 9 shapes. Did you know it? Also, they are crafted from different materials. You can explore all the latest ones made from cotton at Wooden Street. The cotton lamp shade is an ideal and popular choice across the world. They are stylish, colorful, easy to clean, soft and durable. However, it can be overwhelming to decide on a specific shape for your existing floor lamp or table lamp. You may have doubts as to which shape will blend with the lamps perfectly. Surely, you do want to buy the wrong light shades shape for your favorite lamps. So, here is an article that will list a few shapes that suit all styles. You can select the color that best fits the decor. Let’s check them here!

Drum shape

Light Shade

Drum shape is also referred to as cylinder shape. The drum shape is great for all interior styles. They blend perfectly, elevate the space and look soothing to the eyes. Adding drum shape table lamp shades as living room light can instantly draw the attention of guests. They go well with every lamp base. For example- the Azure drum shape white cotton lamp shade-13 x 10 inches and Elan drum shape white cotton lamp shade-14 x 10 inches of Wooden Street will add a contemporary touch to the room. They can be paired with a round lamp base, cylinder base, floor lamp and more. Both these units are made from cotton. Hence, soft and long-lasting. They come in different dimensions and sizes. They will quickly add more light to the room and elegance. So, explore these lamp shades online in India at Wooden Street.

Empire shape

Table Lamp Shade

If you like reading books at night and do not want to disturb your partner or sibling with the usual light, then the empire shape is the perfect fit for your floor lamp or table lamp. That’s because of its frustum shape more light is eliminated down than up. So, you will get sufficient light to unwind books or to write. It will add traditional or modern style to the room. For example- the Crimpson classic empire shape white cotton lamp shade-14 x 9 inches of Wooden Street is a timeless piece to buy. It features two golden lines at the top and bottom which makes it visually more appealing to the eyes. You will find it in different sizes at Wooden Street.  So, buy the standing lamp shades from Wooden Street and beautify the place with its simple design.

Tapered shape 

floor lamp shades

The tapered shape is similar to the drum shape but the key difference is it’s a bit conical at the top. The shape complements all types of lamps. So, if you like to style lamps frequently, then taper shape is the perfect and ideal piece to buy. You can easily change the shade of your favorite lamp or swipe the shades like the Ivy taper shape white cotton lamp shade-13 x10 inches of Wooden Street can be swiped with an oval shade or any other.  They are ideal for bedside table lamp and floor lamps. They add a style statement and give a classic appeal to the room. 


These are some trendy shapes you can look for in the store as they best suit every style. They are functional, rich, elegant and attractive. They complement every interior style. So, explore all these and others at Wooden Street.

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