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Best 5 Dining Table Design Online in India at WoodenStreet

Dining tables are an indispensable part of our homes, and key furniture of the living rooms. They find a lot of utility and modify the look of our house greatly. Dining table designs can also give your dining space a style of its own, and help you enjoy a nice dinner with your family.

Based on the interiors of your house and your overall free space, you should plan your dining table and chair design accordingly. At Wooden Street, you will find multiple types of dining sets to elevate the decor of your dining space, and help use the space effectively. Whether you should invest in a 2-seater or a 6-seater depends exclusively on your needs. If you are facing space-crunch issues in your apartment, then Wooden Street has a solution for you too.

For knowing in details about latest dining table designs, read here some of the few types available at Wooden Street.   

2-Seater Dining Table

2 Seater Dining Table Design Online at WoodenStreet

If you are a newly married couple and live in a relatively small apartment, you need not follow the established rule of buying 4-seater dining table. At Wooden Street, you will find an amazing collection of 2-seaters at reasonable prices. Whether you like traditional designs, or modern patterns you will get it all here. Adolph 2 Seater Dining Set at Wooden Street is a perfect example of simplicity and beautiful carvings. 

4-Seater Dining Table

4 Seater Dining Table Design Online

This is a rather common type of dining table that can be found very commonly in every household. Wooden Street has a dynamic collection of these tables, with variety patterns. See this Cohoon 4 Seater Dining Set at Wooden Street, which has very uniquely designed corner chairs, and a table with wooden stands in the centre. If you want a traditional design for your dining table, see Cambrey 4 Seater Cushioned Dining Set exclusively at Wooden Street.  

6-Seater Dining Table 

It is not easy to find large sized tables for your dining space but if you are a large family and have a lot of space dedicated to dining area, it is best to place a 6-seater in your home. Wooden Street has best collection of such big tables, and has many variations of it. Sometimes, they are a collection of a table and chairs and sometimes it is a combination of chairs and a bench. Adolph 6 Seater Dining Set with Bench, is an amazing example of dining table designs for 6 seater. However, for a traditional touch to your homes you can go with Cambrey 6 Seater Cushioned Dining Set, with honey finish. 

Folding Dining Table

Foldable Dining Table Design Online

If you want a dining table that can spread as a dining table and can be folded and kept tucked away at other times. Wooden folding dining tables are unique, and Wooden Street has a vast collection of that. See the Paul Foldable Dining Table at Wooden Street, which measures about 63 L x 35 W x 31 H inches and is made up of Sheesham wood. It has a barred structure and is an ideal fit for small apartments; with its walnut finish, it can also give a classy look to your room. 

Extendable Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table Design online at WoodenStreet

These dining tables can be used in an extendable manner, and is mounted on the wall at one end. It is an excellent way to install a dining table in a very small space, and is an efficient design for small apartments. This creative solution is available in Wooden Street in various designs. See the Benz Wall Mount 2 Seater Foldable Dining Set at Wooden street for a better understanding. 


Choosing the right dining table for your homes is essential for having a nice dinner, and enhancing the look of the dining space. If your home is short on space, then a table that also helps save space is desirable. Browse through the wide range of dining table designs on Wooden Street, and you will find a model suitable for your homes at best prices.   

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“I saw this 4 seater wooden dining table and soon ordered it the next day. This appealing and marvellous piece of furniture with classic finish has changed the entire look of my dinette. Am very happy to shop from Wooden Street. Thanks a lot!!

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